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About Promise

As a leading

ignition Coil manufacturers and oem auto ignition coil factory in China

, Ningbo Promise Electrical Appliances Co.,Ltd was found in 1985. We specialized in manufacturing ignition coils more than 30 years. These ignition coils are widely used in automobile, motorcycle and shipping industry, agricultural and garden tools, etc.
Company has passed ISO14001 and IATF16949. We imported five pieces of HUBERS Vacuum Casting Equipments from Germany and dozens of winding machines imported from Janpan, combined with TS management system to ensure the consistency of high quality products. Achieve a good sale worldwide. Ningbo Promise custom OEM ignition coils and offer a solution for European cars, Korean cars, French cars, American cars, Japanese cars, China cars etc. Here you can always trust us.

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Automotive industry

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Apr 08, 2022

A Toyota ignition coil works by converting low-voltage electricity into high-voltage electrical current

If you have a Toyota Corolla, you may have noticed that the ignition coil is not firing. In order to find out what is wrong with the spark plug, you w...

Apr 29, 2022

How to Diagnose a Faulty Ford Ignition Coil

For diagnosing the problem with your Ford's ignition coil, you should first know the type of failure that you are dealing with. In many cases, the boo...

Apr 21, 2022

How to Find Out If Your BMW Ignition Coil Needs to Be Replaced

The most important part of your BMW is the ignition coil. It's responsible for getting the spark plug to light and ignite the gas. If the ignition coi...

Apr 15, 2022

How to Replace a Volvo Ignition Coil

A new Volvo Ignition Coil is a relatively simple process to install. The procedure is very similar to that of replacing the ignition coil in a Toyota ...

OEM Customer

Our annual production capacity is over 20000 tons,we can meet the needs of different customers with different purchase quantity.

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