Causes of car body shaking, frustration, and ignition coils


1. The engine lacks a cylinder, a certain cylinder does […]

1. The engine lacks a cylinder, a certain cylinder does not work due to a misfire, and the spark plug or ignition coil in a certain cylinder does not work. Use the elimination method to find out which cylinder is malfunctioning. For example, pull out the coils of a cylinder one by one. If the vehicle shake is severely aggravated, it means that there is no problem with this cylinder; if the vehicle shake does not change much, it means that there is a problem with this cylinder. Then check whether the ignition coil and spark plug in this cylinder are damaged.

2. The low-voltage plug is in poor contact with the wiring harness, sometimes it is connected and sometimes not, causing the engine to sometimes lack cylinders and sometimes it is normal. For this phenomenon, fix the low-voltage plug with a cable tie or replace it with a new one.

3. The power cord connected to the ignition coil is broken, and the damaged part is in contact with the engine shell, causing the ignition coil to lack cylinders and the car shakes. When the car is shaking, the wiring harness jumps away from the engine casing due to the vibration, the input current returns to normal at this time, and the ignition coil works normally again. This phenomenon of intermittent and intermittent (of course, the frequency of change is very fast), makes the car shake and frustrate the car. Over time, it will affect the life of the ignition coil and even damage the coil.

4. The design of the ignition coil parameters in general factories is unreasonable, and the coil output voltage and output energy are too low. The spark plug cannot ignite normally or the ignition effect is low. In this way, the car will shake and frustrate the car. It is recommended to replace it with the original or original ignition coil product.

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