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Shi Huifang, the Mayor of Cixi City,and Other Municipal Leaders Come to Our Company for Guiding Our Work


Shi Huifang,the mayor of Cixi City,accompanied by the l […]

Shi Huifang,the mayor of Cixi City,accompanied by the leaders of the town came to our company in October 16, 2016.Our chairman, general manager and the leaders of the departments gave a warm reception. Leaders knew about the company's development process, management system and future development planning. On the company's high-tech products, development prospects and foreign trade situation in Cixi, the two sides had shared. Some valuable suggestions and opinions for our company's development pointed out by leaders are of great help. Under the leadership, the mayor visited our duty-free workshop, laboratory and other workshops after meeting.For the whole working environment, the mayor and other leaders gave a great deal of praise. They expressed affirmation and satisfaction of our productions and quality,and hoped that we could make greater contributions to the secretary for the promotion of regional economic development and high-tech industries.

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