Ford Ignition Coil Problems


Before discussing what an ignition coil actually is, an […]

Before discussing what an ignition coil actually is, and why it is so important, let's have a chat about why a car battery will not start. Car batteries will produce between twelve and fifteen volts of electricity. Spark plugs require much more voltage than this. This article has a detailed explanation of what an ignition coil is and how they function.

So, what do ignition coils do? The answer is very simple. They provide power to the spark plugs, which in turn start the car engine. Without them, your engine would simply not start. As a result, for any Ford vehicle, the only real option is to purchase high performance and reliable replacement parts for your vehicle.

Ford Ignition Coil - Individual Coil For Every Make/Year - All vehicles are different, so there will be slight differences in the Ford Ignition Coil you buy for your specific vehicle. Generally, however, all fords ignition coils look similar and are made from the same materials. There are several things to keep in mind when purchasing your individual coil(s). Here are a few tips:

- Always purchase your individual Ford Ignition Coil from a reputable and authorized dealer. There are many individual Ford coil vendors online but few that have been in business for a long time. These are the companies that you want to purchase your Ford Ignition Coil from. If you choose to shop online for your Ford Ignition Coil, always make sure that you verify the vendor's credentials. You can do this by looking up their name in a search engine like Google or Yahoo.

- Most people who install an ignition system have no idea what they're doing. If you're one of those people, you're better off calling a professional instead of trying to do it yourself. When installing the ignition coils, make sure that each one is wired to a separate terminal. This way you don't confuse which one is for the battery or which one is for the misfire sensors. (It's best to have two spark plugs for the misfire problem, but having three is just too much work and may void the warranty on your vehicle.)

- If the spark plugs or the misfire are still giving you trouble, you may need to have your entire Ford Ignition Coil replaced. This is something that should be left to the professionals because if you do it yourself, you could potentially cause more damage. When you replace the entire coil, make sure that the distributor that sold you the kit has the ohmmeter that you need. It's important for you to know how much voltage you need to power the engine so that you can determine what size coil you need to purchase. Otherwise, replacing the entire coil would be a waste of money.

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