How to Change the Toyota Ignition Coil


The Toyota Ignition Coil is perhaps the most important […]

The Toyota Ignition Coil is perhaps the most important part that runs the engine of your car. It's the largest, second most important part of a Toyota Ignition system. He is basically a high voltage transformer which converts your 12-volt battery power to 25-3000 volts required for combustion in your Toyota cars engine. In a nutshell it's a transformer, and a very complex one at that.

This coil is also known as a lead-acid battery tester. The way it works is fairly simple. A thin metal wire leads from the alternator to the coil. On one side of this wire is a thin metallic coating called a bushing. This bushing is wrapped around a lead plate. This leads to the current passing through the coil and being stored in the lead plates.

As the vehicle is driven, the coil and the lead plates get hot. This causes the current to flow from the lead to the coils. The alternator then supplies power to the engine and the car starts moving.

The purpose of the Toyota Ignition Coil was to prevent the damage caused by spark plugs to the engine by keeping the voltage supplied by the alternator coil. This also prevented the need to add an extra spark plug lead because you're already got one on the leads. They are designed to be placed on the first or second row (sequential or parallel) of the fuse box. You place the ignition coil on top of the lead. The wires are connected between the terminals of the ignition coil with terminals being placed inside the coil and the lead.

It's vital that you never turn on your car with the ignition key in the ignition. This is because the power supplied by the coil may trip the circuit breakers leading to a very dangerous and potentially lethal electric shock. Even small amounts of voltage can create a large amount of heat. Do not attempt to start the engine.

Toyota Ignition Coils do come with a variety of sizes, so it's important to choose the correct size for your specific car model. There are also many different types of connectors, terminals and insulation to choose from, so take some time and shop around. The internet is full of information and sites where you can purchase new or replacement coils for your Toyota Ignition.

If your car uses an internally-combustion starter then there is no need to replace the ignition coil. The reason is that the combustion process occurs with the help of the starter motor. Therefore, you don't need to remove the starter motor to change out the coils. If your car uses an externally-combustion starter then you will want to change the coils at least every 100k miles.

There are many ways to start your car, but all use the same process of mounting the engine to the transmission. The starter motor sits under a tach pin which is usually a steel pin that fits into a plastic sleeve. You need to remove the starter motor, disconnect the electrical plug from the starter and pull out the starter cable to remove the engine.

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