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Benzo Ignition Coil is what makes your car go


Benz Ignition Coil Pack Benzo Ignition Coil is what mak […]

Benz Ignition Coil Pack
Benzo Ignition Coil is what makes your car go. If it's broken or faulty you will know it, as your car will not even turn over. This is definitely something we stock in stock, and we can order it for you straight from us too. However, did you also know that even the Benz Ignition Coil in your own car is only an electric induction coil. The real thing is made from steel.

So why is the ignition coil replacement of your choice important? Well, because it's what ignites the fuel, and if the spark plugs are not working, your car will run poorly and will give you many problems. As a result, the fuel pump will often fail too, which would be very bad if you were to try to drive your vehicle while in that state.

Why do we recommend Benz ignition coil replacement? Because, like all coils, the steel ones are extremely easy to install. There's no need for special tools. They come with the screws, nuts and bolts you need already, and they fit most cars. So if you are not going to do it yourself, and want to make sure your engine works perfectly when driving off the forecourt or the open road, then this is a great option.

Did you know, we do manufacture our own high voltage spark plug wires - these are the ones you will need to replace the old ones with. But we also sell them by the meter! Yes, that's right, if you purchase one of our Benz Ignition Coils from us, we can actually send the original spark plug wires straight to your local car boot, so you don't have to worry about remembering where you took them. Now that's service at its best.

If you've never heard of the Benz Ignition Coil Pack before, let us begin by giving you a little history. The original blue (positive) one is fitted to the front of the vehicle's hood. The red (negative) one is fitted to the back, on the driver's side. The green (medium) one fits behind the headlights, on the driver's side, near the upper front fender.

These high voltage spark plugs have been proven to increase your mpg by up to 500%, and are backed up by our superior quality electrical connector. We guarantee it! If you're looking for the best replacement parts, make sure you buy from a trusted dealer. If you want to find out more about our ignition system, click on the links below.

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