OEM Ignition Coil are original factory replacement coils


Replacing the OEM Ignition Coil on Your Evo Vista OEM I […]

Replacing the OEM Ignition Coil on Your Evo Vista

OEM Ignition Coil are original factory replacement coils that are created by the same OEM company that manufactured the car or truck. OEM Ignition Coil do not differ much from original ignition units in performance, as they are also made to the exact specifications of the vehicle. OEM Ignition Coil are designed to withstand high loads and extreme temperatures, so it is used extensively in racecars and high mileage cars.

OEM spark plugs are made of special black metal alloy, which does not conduct electricity, and thus is completely safe to use on cars and trucks. OEM spark plugs have the ability to handle very high compression rates and extremely high temperatures. They also have the ability to handle extremely harsh road conditions without getting damaged. OEM ignition coils perform as described by the manufacturers specification sheet for the particular vehicle.

Aftermarket spark plugs are usually made from steel or aluminum, and they do have the ability to work as described by the manufacturers specification sheet for the specific vehicle. However, there are a few differences between aftermarket ignition coils and OEM spark plugs. The aftermarket units are more affordable, and they often cost a few dollars less than OEM units. It is also common for an aftermarket ignition coil to be made from copper, zinc, or chrome, which offer a greater heat dissipation.

The job of an OEM Ignition Coil is to retain the spark plugs heat when the engine is cold. When the car is hot, the coil contacts produce a large amount of heat, which shortens the life of the coil. If you install an OEM coil into your vehicle, you will greatly increase the longevity of your spark plugs. If you are looking for a longer life span, and want to replace your OEM coil with a cheaper and performing one, then the best choice is to go with a aftermarket coil.

Most aftermarket ignition coils utilize the same process as the OEM ones in keeping the spark plugs hot. They have the spark plug wires heated up before they are plugged into the holes that are drilled into the cylinder walls. This process does make a small difference in the life of the unit. Although the unit may last slightly longer, it may not last anywhere near as long. You should also keep in mind that these ignition coils are only one component of your ignition system. It is important to pay close attention to the other components as well, such as the ignition key, the starter, and the solenoid.

Replacing the OEM Ignition Coil is simple, but not very common. It is recommended to hire a professional to perform this task, if you are not mechanically inclined. An experienced mechanic can make sure that you get the job done properly. Also, if your vehicle uses an Evo Vista system, then you will have no problem finding the spark plug wires to go with your OEM system.

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